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Savannah – The Crest is a high-end residential development that offers the best that you can expect from a community. True to the Camella Homes brand, this community boasts of exciting facilities and amenities that are designed to elevate your quality of life. If you are curious what these amenities are that you can enjoy, you can continue reading below.

The first amenity and also one of the most important is the entrance gate with guard house. Since this is an exclusive house and lot community, the gate will help ensure that no unwanted individual is able to gain access to the village premises. This cozy village setting is also protected by a perimeter wall so that the homeowners and their properties are kept secure and safe. It also ensures that you can enjoy the privacy of this subdivision and have a relaxing lifestyle. At the same time, the entrance gate features an exquisite design that also reflects the beauty of the subdivision itself. The entrance gate is as beautifully designed as the homes within this subdivision.

First off, the homes feature a beautiful and romantic design that reflects the beauty of the Southern homes in Savannah, Georgia. The layout of the homes is carefully crafted to provide adequate space so your family can enjoy that luxury. True to the layout of Southern homes, the homes feature a foyer and a covered porch for entertaining and welcoming guests in. Depending on the house model, you can expect a single or two-car garage. This is a basic luxury that you won’t find in many of the modern housing developments within or outside of Metro Manila.

As for the subdivision itself, the lots are spaciously laid out so each home can get maximum privacy. The networks of road are also done with utmost precision so you can have wide and open roads. At the same time, the concretized curbs and gutters, together with the underground drainage system, ensures that you can get flood-free roads even during monsoon season. Other basic amenities that come with every home include mailboxes and garbage bins. The roads and streets are also tree-lined to bring a sense of nature into this community.

There is also a man-made water park built within Savannah – The Crest. It will greet you the moment you enter the gate and make your way towards the residences. The water-park comes with a lagoon and a clubhouse. These two amenities feature Victorian-inspired architecture that will make it feel luxurious and exquisite at the same time. If you want to relax and rejuvenate, you can simply head to the clubhouse. This area is perfect for socialization or for spending time with the family. There is a swimming pool wherein you can go to if you want to experience the ultimate pampering. There are two kinds of pools to choose from: adult and kids version. There is also a children’s playground and basketball court for residents to enjoy. 

The developers had given utmost attention even to the minute details. This is to showcase that commitment to offering the best homes and amenities to the discerning home buyers. It is clear that Savannah – The Crest is a class of its own. This is an exquisitely styled property that offers the best homes and amenities that can give more value to your investment.

  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming pool
  • Basketball court
  • Children's playground
  • Shuttle service
  • Entrance gate with 24-hour security
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